• Dr. Muhammad Aslam Faiz Lecturer Pakistan Studies Ghazi university Dera Ghazi khan.
  • Saima Mehvish PhD scholar Ghazi university Dera Ghazi Khan.
  • Abad ullah Tariq Mphil scholar department of Pakistan studies Abbottabad university of science and Techonology.


U.S , USSR ,SPY2 , SINO ,Communism, U.K.


Pakistan and United State relations developed very next day  after the birth of Pakistan 14th August 1947.United State was the most early state of the world whos rcognize the Pakistan very soon after the birth.Pakistan sign the SEATO and CENTO under the leadership of United State.United state become the close friend of Pakistan .U.S become the Cooperative state with Pakistan.United State become the key donor to the Pakistan.United state Help in many sectors such as education,culture economics and Politics.Paskistan Prime minister accept the United state offical invitation and rejecte the USSR invitation .Pakistani Prime Minister Liaquat Ali khan make the twenty three day long visit the U.S. In 1956 U.S President request the Pakistan Prime Minister to gave the Peshware air base.One of the main factor to close the United state was the USSR as communist Block.Second factor to close the U.S is the the U.K .Beacuse Pakistan get independence from the British Raj in the Sub Contientent.In 1960 Ayub khan grant the permission to the U.S to fly the Spy 2 from the Peshwar air base. In 1962 Pakistan and U.S realtions is cold due the defeat the Indai from China war.In 1970 Kissinger visit the Pakistan and secret visit the China to observe the Pakistan China relations natures .over all Pakistan Foreign policy toward U.S not successful in this period.




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