International Research Journal of Religious Studies: Announcements <p>International Research Journal of Religious Studies (IRJRS) is a peer reviewed International scholarly journal published by Al-Zouq Educational Research Centre. The journal is dedicated to the scholarly study of all aspects of religions.The Journal “International Research Journal of Religious Studies” is a multi-disciplinary endeavor dedicated to the scholarly study of various aspects of religion and the religious world. Special attention is paid to works dealing with Islamic Philosophy, mysticism, interfaith dialogue and Islamic culture and civilization. The journal seeks to place Islam and its traditions in the light of spirituality and rationality with its pragmatic and tremendous values and to encourage comprehensive consideration of in many facets: to provide a forum for the study of religions with special academic inquiry and in global context; to promote interaction among academics from multiple traditions of learning and exchange and discussion of research findings.“International Research Journal of Religious Studies” will provide a vehicle to help academics, researchers, policy makers to educate, influence and share information to learn from each other’s work as well as to provide a research forum to explore new solutions to new rising problems.</p> en-US